Commercial building owners with aging roofs and leaks are increasingly turning to roof restoration and application of elastomeric coatings in lieu of a total roof replacement.   While elastomeric coatings have been around for more than 30 years, these products have developed growing favor with roof consultants, established roofing contractors and facility managers responsible for building maintenance.  In addition, building owners themselves are more educated today on the advantages of reflective roof coatings over other systems.

There are at least 7 reasons supporting the growth in roof restoration including economic, environmental, and performance benefits.  These include:


1. Restoration projects save 50 – 70% versus typical replacement projects.

2. Restoration projects extend the life of the roof by at least 10 years.

3. Buildings can stay in operation, allowing the facility to maintain operations and to avoid costly business interruptions and shutdown expenses.

4. Reflective coatings reduce building energy and cooling costs during peak demand hours.

5. Coatings are Renewable and Sustainable  – option of recoating after 10 years or more while reducing tear off materials taken to landfills

6. Are applicable to most roof systems: metal, single ply membrane, modified bitumen and concrete.

7. Can be expensed in the year of installation as a maintenance cost, saving on taxes.

Aldo Products Company, Inc. has manufactured high quality roof coatings for more than 30 years, serving building managers and contractors throughout the United States.  Aldo is an industry leader in the production of reflective coatings and a member of several trade groups, including the Reflective Roof Coatings Institute, the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance and the Roof Coating Manufacturers Association. For more information on Aldo Products Company, Inc. and roof restoration, visit or call (800)474-6019.