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Roof Coating Leads to Increased Productivity

In the middle of summer a metal roof can get in upwards of 180 degrees on the surface; that is only 32 degrees colder than the boiling point of water. In case you are curious… that is HOT! And if a metal roof surface is that hot, imagine what it is doing to the...

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Industry News Round-Up: September 2018

Sustainable Roofing Systems:  RoofCARE in New Mexico is using sustainable approaches to repair roofs rather than replacing them. According to the article, many contractors replace roofs that don’t necessarily need it simply because they see leaking, material...

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Make your roof colorful

We are excited to announce some standard colors we’ll now be carrying at Aldo Products! Reflectivity is paramount when you are trying to install a cool roof, and the best way to achieve maximum reflection is to install a bright white roof, - period.  White is best...

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