The Asia-Pacific Report

Over the last several years, the Asian painting and coatings market has undergone several major changes. The growth has slightly decreased, there has been stricter enforcement of environmental regulations and countries like India and Indonesia have begun to grow faster than the historical growth leader of China. All of these changes are expected to continue for the rest of 2018, so they’re good to keep in mind. Learn More>>>


Nonstop Flight to New Roof Coatings

After eight years of leaking roofs, this West Virginian airport realized it needed to get the issue solved – especially with winter fast approaching. Plus, with nonstop incoming and outgoing flights, it’s not like they could shut down. We all know roof coatings were the answer, but here’s how the project worked out: Learn More>>>


New Facility Keeps Popular Brewery Hopping

At this Massachusetts brewery, people stand in line for hours just to get a case of their beer. It’s no surprise since they were named one of the 15 best craft breweries in the U.S. by Forbes. The key to their great beer? Temperature control, and that includes taking special precautions to make sure their roof is coated with something that can help. Learn More>>>