With the recent spike in interest of Silicone coatings there has been countless articles and opinions written on the viability of silicone vs acrylic as a roof system; through all of that there is another option that has been overlooked.  Polyurethane roof coatings - provide attractive repair and restorations solutions for spray polyurethane foam roofs, single ply, smooth BUR, masonry, concrete and more.  In 2017, Polyurethane coatings saw the second largest growth (behind silicone) and all signs point to it continuing that trend into the future. 

Invented back in the 1930s by Professor Dr. Otto Bayer, polyurethanes began to see wide spread popularity and usage during World War II.  At the time rubber was expensive and hard to obtain so there was a demand for an alternative product and polyurethane was able to fill that void. 

Because of the versatility of the chemistry there are various types of polyurethanes which look and feel very different from each other; everything from coatings and adhesives to shoe soles, mattresses and foam insulation.  It would be hard to imagine life without polyurethane today as it is used in so many applications. 

When it comes to roofing, there are two main types of polyurethane [urethane] coatings: aromatic and aliphatic. Aromatic coatings are less expensive and not typically UV stable (though ALDOCOAT 384 is) thus making them wonderful as a base coat.  Aliphatic coatings are more expensive, but are UV stable, hold color well, and stay cleaner than most other coatings. The two together can offer a wonderful system that will be durable, stays cleaner, and is fairly resistant to ponding water.  Polyurethanes are more impact resistant and handle traffic the best of all coatings, while silicone is more susceptible to tear and will be slippery when damp. 

At Aldo Products, we offer an aromatic and aliphatic coating as well as a sealant, ALDOCOAT 384, ALDOCOAT 386 and ALDOSEAL 385 respectively.  In addition to their lasting performance, these coatings also provide the advantage of being single-component solutions, enabling contractors and maintenance personnel to quickly complete projects without any on site measuring. 

Please contact us for further information on our polyurethane roof coatings or any other project questions that you have.