Single ply roof membrane systems provide years of protection against rain, freezing precipitation and heat. While the technologies of EPDM, TPO, Hypalon® and Thermoplastic (PVC, CPE) membranes continue to evolve, these systems still have limited service lives and will ultimately require extensive repairs, replacement or restoration.

Debris, changing temperatures and years of UV exposure will cause shrinkage in EPDM and TPO membranes as well as failing seams and undermined flashing.   Thermoplastic elements will experience plasticizer migration and UV damage, resulting in system contraction and chalking.

As systems approach the end of their useful lives, many building owners have turned to Aldo Products for roof restoration and alternatives to the expense of a tear-off and roof replacement project.   While not all roofs qualify for restoration; Aldo has found that most systems are candidates unless the structural integrity of the substrate has been compromised.

The ALDOCOAT Membrane Restoration System® has proven to be an effective solution for numerous aging commercial roofs, extending the life of the roofs at least 10 years. In addition to making them watertight, the system’s topcoat, ALDOCOAT 395 Silicone, has a bright white color and will reflect over 80% of the damaging UV rays. This reduces heat transmission into buildings, enabling significant energy cost savings during peak cooling seasons.

Initial surface preparation is critical to the overall success of any roof restoration project.   Seam and flashing repairs and sealing of all roof penetrations are completed prior to application of the ALDOCOAT 384 Polyurethane base coat. This is followed by a bright white top coat of ALDOCOAT 395 Silicone. The result is a single ply roof system that is restored to a functional, water tight roof system at a fraction of the cost of a complete roof replacement, saving the additional tear off material from a local landfill.

Case Study:  Community Fitness Center Membrane Roof Restoration

Situation: This community fitness center had an aging single ply membrane roof with several leaks.   Its black EPDM membrane transmitted tremendous heat into the building during much of the year, increasing interior temperatures and the energy costs necessary to cool the facility.

Solution: It was determined that the roof’s substrate would accommodate a cool roof restoration system that would enhance facility comfort, reduce energy costs, and cost less than 50% of the total cost of roof replacement. Additionally, the facility would remain fully operational during the restoration process and roof tear-off waste would not be added to landfills.

The system solution identified by the roofing contractor included a basecoat application of ALDOCOAT 384 Polyurethane and a topcoat of ALDOCOAT 395 Silicone applied after extensive cleaning and surface preparation.   The topcoat surface is a reflective coating that deflects UV rays and reduces heat transmission into buildings.

Results: This cost effective and sustainable restoration project was completed within seven days. The fitness center continued operations without interruption, and the life of the roof was extended by at least 10 years.   Finally, the ALDOCOAT restoration system will significantly reduce the roof system’s surface temperatures and reduce energy costs necessary to cool the facility.